Thursday, 17 August 2017

Tuesday - Heroes all

A brilliant day with the group working really hard and completing a huge amount of work, so much so that we really are now in with a good chance of completing almost all we can on DMU 51363 ready for Saturday's shunt.

First off were Maurice and Stu fitting the remaining curved aluminium strips (thank you George for bringing these to C&W). One however couldn't be fitted as the old hardboard ceiling became too fragile and holed badly - this bit had to be covered with a hardboard strip instead.

John and Keith did a great job cleaning up all the aluminium trim that hadn't been removed and all the luggage racks too. Later Maurice and Alex coated all the screw heads with Silver Hammerite, as many of these were tarnished, and this vastly improved the overall look of the trim.

Alex top coated both sides of the cab sliding door.

Then he completed the repairs to the inner luggage/guards door frames on both sides of the DMU. The repairs, along with the corridor connection door and the saloon side of the access door to the luggage compartment, were also top coated.

Richard top coated the back half of the cab.

Stu went on to refit all the grab handles on the Malvern aside. As happened with the Cotswold side, some of these were tricky to reinstate.

The large grab rails on both sides of the Guards/Luggage compartment were also painted.

With the cab sliding door now dry, it was time to get it back on board and running nicely. First job was to reattach the sliding mechanism to the door, and then attach the whole thing to the support strip above the doorway. Once back on the pelmet could also be reinstated.

Other work not photographed. Viven was working on another chair for the Weighbridge hut up at the top end of the station car park - the moquette to be used was as before and was cut ready for fitting..

In the Barn Alex and I sanded down the various areas of filler that had been applied to FK 13329 on Saturday to cover a number of holes on the Malvern side. Lining out tape was then put on where required before the sanded areas were painted in cream and brown undercoat as required.

Report by Dave Clark