Monday, 21 August 2017

Saturday - All Change!

It was one out and the next one in today as we did another shunt and a 'well done' while we were at it.

The one out was the DMU W51363 now completed from our perspective.
As  usual we had to remove everything else to get it out. Still it gets some of the dust blown off the TSO 4614 and the BSK 34929
The first thing back in was 4763 our next carriage for a 'quick repaint'
 George and Phil, on the other side, were soon hard at work removing flaking paint work and rust spots.

 The final position has the brake van and the green TSO parked up ready for shot blasting if the weather is ok.

First, Paul had a tidy up of the loose bolts so that we don't loose them

and the twisted coupling hook was removed from the south end by Ken, Paul and Richard.


and John Squires were also busy of the vacuum pipe work for the van. Its just about ready to fit once the shot blasting and subsequent painting has been done.

Filling in while the shunt was completed James was repairing some of the mount bars for the corridor connection rubbers of the BSK.

Then it was back to rebuilding the north end Malvern side of the BSK once it was back in the barn. First cut out the rust!

The first section done
 Then weld in the new section

 John Osborn was finishing off the last bit of the body side on the TSO 4614.

 and in the upholstery shop John Hill completed a seat for the Broadway stool having been on another forage with Penny for more seat bases to restore from the stock pile.
and the well done, held out

for Alex as he passed as TTI on the maroon rake today.